Cyber Monday/Black Friday : Outwear Guide

aviator jacket faux fur new look

Happy Black Friday weekend!

The 3th but not last post with Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers features is about outwear : coats, jackets for this season. It was really hard to decide which ones I should pick for you guys since I kinda wanted them all but I hope you like these.

cyber monday:black friday outwear coats and jackets deals,


  1. Red Coat with Extreme Collar for $158 but you can 30%OFF if you use the code EPIC30.(I had a similar one from Zara and kept it for 5 years, I loved it!)
  2. Quilted Jacket it is now on SALE for $31 !
  3. Faux Fur Trim Aviator with Belt now in SALE for $49, very warm and perfect for winter.
  4. Puffa Original oversized jacket $143 but you can use the code EPIC30 to get 30%OFF.
  5. Brown Faux Fur Coat $111 usethe code FETCH50 to get 50%OFF.
  6. Luxe borg biker Jacket $127 use the code EPIC30 to get 30%OFF.
  7. Belted Faux fur Coat now on SALE for $37 (extremely good price).
  8. Blushed Sherpa Coat $178 but I simply love this coat.

More Coats and Jackets Deals

Wool Blend Coat on SALE now for $151, comes in black as well.

Suede Aviator (like the one I have in the pictures) use the code EPIC30 to get 30%OFF.

Shiny Khaki Parka on SALE now for $70.

Bonded Borg Coat on SALE now for $60.

Pink Oversized Coat for $111 but you can use the code FETCH50 for 50%OFF.

Remember that the offers and the sizes are only available for limited time.

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Any coats or jackets that caught your eyes? 


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