The coat for you this winter

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Just when I thought I had enough winter coats to keep warm this winter, I found this one. I know, I know – I also said it about the rest of my jackets and coats that I showed you for this season, buuuuut now I changed my mind, this is the one.

How did I ended up buying this coat? Well, the story starts with the fact that for Christmas I am taking my boyfriend’s family from Denmark with me to Romania, that’s gonna be quite a Christmas right? Well, we’ll see. The winters in Romania are not as gentle as in more mind weathered countries, you really need something to keep you warm. Lots and lots of sweaters and very good boots. Usually it snows a lot, often to a point where it’s very hard to walk and since we don’t want to spend all the time in the house, we need to be well equipped.


My choices of coats or jackets were initially between 5 items, but in the end I decided that none of those will cover my ass during the cold winter so that is how I ended up buying this aviator coat. I think this coat has it all, it’s warm, looks very stylish, it’s a bit oversized which means I can wear as many sweaters as I want under it and it’s well priced. I can’t explain to you how soft it feels to have that faux fur lining surrounding your body.


Are you dealing with a cold winter? Then this is the coat you must have.

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aviator coat for winter, winter coat, warm coat

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Coat HERE   Jeans HERE   Top HERE  Bag HERE  Boots HERE

Together with the coat I spotted this pretty little floral top, I don’t know if you are updated with the trends this year but florals are staying for winter as well. In fact, I think this is first year I hear that the floral trend is very on during winter time. If I would have to pick a floral top for this season, I would pick this one. It has beautiful colors, pretty details around the sleeves and it’s easy to style. What do you think?

floral top, floral blouse, pretty top, women fashion

floral top winter outfit

Floral top HERE

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Have you found your “the one”coat for this winter? what is your opinion on florals in winter time, yay or nay?

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