Prep and Prime Just In Time – The Ultimate Holiday Glam Guide

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The most joyous season of the year is fast approaching, but aside from all the joy it’s filled with errands, plenty of shopping and prepping before you can actually relax and relish the festive spirit. Aside from figuring out the perfect presents for all the loved ones, you also need to place plenty of focus on yourself. There are attire choices to be made, skin to take care of and then comes hair and makeup as the cherry on the holiday sundae. Making these choices is ordinarily followed by ‘a pinch’ of stress, but that no longer has to be the case. Sit, take a deep breath and let our inspiring guide do all the work. You just take note, and then follow through. We guarantee, you will be ready to dazzle.

All dressed up in love

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Depending on how many holiday events you have lined up, you will need the number of outfits to match. Let’s discuss daytime celebrations first. You want something that is chic and stunning without being over the top. One of the solutions could definitely be a short sleeved plush sweater in a pretty pastel hue paired with a gorgeous tulle skirts with some serious sparkle.

This type of outfit is perfect for family gatherings as well as a daytime Christmas office party. Now, if you’re a stickler for tradition and you believe in the ‘red and cozy’, don’t resort to your ugly sweater collection just yet. Instead, achieve understated glam with an elegant but over-the-top burgundy velvet jumpsuit. This look screams ‘elegant hostess’ so if the party is taking place in your home, this is the way to go.

Evenings, however, are an entirely different story, as you don’t have to be concerned with the rules. You can dazzle as much as you want, and speaking of dazzling, this might be a perfect occasion to go for those sequins you’ve secretly been eying. Whether it’s a dark green sequin wrap dress, or an outfit with a strategically chosen glitter garment, there is no chance of failure.


Let it shine



By shine, we of course mean, your skin. The harsh weather, the holiday-related stress, all this takes a toll on your skin, which is ironic given that this is the time you want to put your best look forward. Aside from keeping your regular skincare stars in rotation, this is a good time to introduce some guest stars as well. Boosting your skincare routine will definitely go a long way, with the introduction of a serum and a super-hydrating sheet mask, so make sure you stock up on these.

If you have the time, a spa day would be the best way to address all your concerns at once and be ready for the big days and nights ahead. You could book a facial or make it more fun by organizing a spa day with all your favorite girls. Make a day of it and get flawless skin at the end.


So many choices, so little time

Beauty routine with Mineral Cosmetics

Second only to the perfect outfit is the perfect makeup, and here too, there are several routes you can take. One of the hottest runway trends is natural monochromatic makeup, so if you are inclined towards a more natural look, this is pure perfection. Choose either a rosy or peachy color palette and get to work. Medium coverage foundation is the best option as it looks like your own skin, and then follow Desi Perkin’s advice for a flawless radiant look.

The soft and gentle makeup is amazing for daytime, but don’t shy away from taking it up a notch for nighttime parties. Winged eyeliner and perfect red lip is always a foolproof look, but if you’re looking for something more daring, glitter eyes are what Christmas is all about. If you’re putting emerald green or navy glitter to use, make sure the lips are in a gorgeous nude shade. If on the other hand you plan to rock a more understated eye look, burgundy lips are the clear choice to match.



The very final touch

Before you get to styling your hair, make short stop at your hairdresser’s and make sure everything is in order. Trim what needs to be trimmed and even get a revitalizing and repairing mask treatment if needed. Only after that will you be ready to play. If you’re going with a glitter type of outfit, old Hollywood waves are an unmistakable choice as they’ll be the glue that holds the glam together.

In case of more relaxed yet chic and polished outfit choices, a twist bun will make you an absolute darling. Soft waves with plenty of volume are still hot and still here for bob-rocking gals, and of course, nothing says ‘elegant’ more than a classic chignon. You are now ready to dazzle.

This article was written by the lovely Amy Mia Goldsmith, she is an Aussie Blogger for HighStyleLife, in love with fashion, beauty and style. She guest posted on my website before, telling us about the importance of Upgrading our routine to Mineral Cosmetics and 5 Tips on How to Achieve Beautiful Goddess – Like Skin. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Are you all prepared and in time for this holiday season? Any big plans or events to attend for New Year’s Eve?

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