How to have the best start of the year

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New Year is here which means ‘’12 chapters, 365 changes’’ right?

My feed on both instagram and pinterest is filled with positive quotes “leave the past behind”, “get in shape”, “start a new you”. Everyone is talking about how well they are gonna do in this new year and the goals that they are gonna accomplish and so on.

January puts a lot of pressure on us, but at the same time you also feel that energy inside that tells you, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Every January I would buy a new agenda and write down my goals and plans, giving myself the freedom to dream that this year will be my year. As much as I love this idea, there is a downside to it as well. The more the goals and the bigger the dreams are, the biggest the disappointment if you fail to meet them completely, something that can lead to depression. That is why, this year I thought that I would start it a bit different, hopefully resulting in a better me, a happier me. This year I just want to work more on myself, to love life with anything that does or does not happen. Are you in? Then check out my suggestions and let’s do this!


Take a break

I don’t know about you, but after the holiday season where I stuffed my stomach until I almost went into a food coma, the drinking, family gatherings, and not to forget new year’s eve, I am kinda broke but also exhausted. If you are starting back up on your 9 to 5 job, it’s even worse. So instead of starting by making tons of plans for the new year, take a break, relax your mind, perhaps take off social media for a while and just focus on getting back on your feet. See January, the first month of the year, as your month of relaxation. Even though you feel like time is ticking and a month is gone by without you accomplishing one goal, remember that relaxing and taking care of yourself should be your main goal.


When should you plan your goals then?

With some time off in January, a relaxed mind and with more energy to dive into a new year, February should be the month to start planning your goals. In a month you have time to analyse your situation, you’ll have a better idea of what you can and can’t do.
You have time to answer questions that cross your mind like : “do you love your job”, “are you in a happy healthy relationship”, “are you happy with what you’ve accomplished?”. Take your time to analyse your situation instead of taking decisions in the beginning of the year, as things change all the time. You never know what life can bring you.



Set reasonable goals

By reasonable goals, I don’t mean downsize your goals but make sure that your goal is not to get on the moon then be disappointmented that didn’t happen. But goals that you feel enthusiastic about and that are possible. Try to see the big picture of what you want to do with your life. Pick one meaningful goal at a time and decide what you need to do to achieve it. A positive mindset comes a long way and if you have the possibility setting a time frame can help you achieve that goal.


Embrace a change

Change scares many people, including myself, but even so, if there is something that causes motivation and makes me feel good about myself it’s after I make a change. It can be a change to the interior design in your home, a hairstyle, shopping – trying a trend or item that you never thought you would wear. It can even be as easy as buying a flower for your desk. Another idea of change is to say yes to certain situations that you would perhaps have declined before. Projects, social commitments and so on – see what happens. It may bring new and unexpected opportunities. Personally, for now I changed the design of the website a bit, how do you like it?


Have gratitude and find your happy moments

My first post on this website was called find your happy moments. I will never forget it because until writing that post I had no idea what my happy moments were or what really made me happy in life. Do you know? You can start this year by choosing to be happy with what you have accomplished so far, with the people that are around you, with your job or relationship, experiences good or bad – but also take a life inventory. Have you often do you laugh? Are you happy with your friends? Are you doing the things you like the most? Make sure to appreciate all the good aspects in your life and work towards your happiness.


I am very much a list person, writing down my goals, plans or even a day to day plan is my thing, there isn’t a day without it. But through years I’ve learned that rushing things, always planning could make me feel really disappointed and sad when I didn’t manage to accomplish them, something that in the last year turned into a long depression. That is why this year, I am keeping my goals in my mind and looking to enjoy the moment, to being kinder to myself, accept that not everything is perfect and just live life. And that was the message that I hope I transmit to you through my post. DO YOU, FOR YOU!

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” Your hearth is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in it’s hidden depths” Rumi

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