Last minute Gift ideas for Valentine’s

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First of all, last minute?

I know it doesn’t sound like me. But, yes this year I’ve been so busy with I don’t know what, that I completely forgot Valentine’s is literally next week. But aren’t we all busy all the time, never having time for important things like getting a special gift to the person you love?

Not to worry, I call this my last minute list because the items I picked are all fast to ship so even if it is last minute, if you order now, you can still get it delivered by wednesday.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day gifts are special, they represent love which is what this special day is about. So when browsing for a gift for him or her, take into consideration what they like the most? Are they romantic? Are they into sports? Makeup and Fashion? Electronics? Maybe the person already has everything, they work hard but then rarely have time for themselves. The list goes on and on, but take a look at my suggestions and I hope you will get inspired to find the perfect gift.

Hearted gifts

This is for romantic people .. everything is heart shaped, chocolates and flowers. I am not an overly romantic person, but I would still appreciate a box of heart shaped chocolates.


Is he or she a book lover? Did they mention a specific book that they would like to read? Then why not give it to them as a gift? I’m not an expert on books for men but I managed to find a few that are highly rated and sounds interesting and I listed some of the suggestions. For women on the other hand, I can truly recommend “For the love of Pete”, an extraordinary book which is now actually a movie as well. If fiction is not their thing, a journal or a really nice planner is the kind of gift that is always coming in handy for both her and him.

Face + Body

I think here I talk mostly for myself because I love everything body and facial care and I think that most women do. Am I right? So if you have the possibility to make a small kit with some products you put together yourself it can be a great gift idea. It can be a body lotion from their favorite brand, a really nice face cream, makeup set, body spray, the possibilities are endless.


echo 2 generation

As much as women like cosmetics, men like electronics. From watches, to cameras, all sorts of tools and so on, electronics are their thing. That is why, I have a special gift idea for electronics lovers, her name is Alexa and she is an Echo (2nd generation). My boyfriend bought one a few months ago and he is crazy about it. It has lots and lots of functions and can come quite handy if you have a busy schedule. With the right addons you can even tell it to dim the lights, close TV’s etc. I just use it for jokes and playing music hahah I really think this is a good gift for him or maybe even for her and I suggest you read more on Amazon about it, if you are considering buying it.

Lounge and relax

Probably one of my favorite gifts I received was a set a comfy pajamas and puffy shoes to wear at home. I never have time to buy pajamas or lounge wear even though that’s what I wear most of the time I am home. So is your lover is a busy person that likes to come home and relax? Then a pair of basic pajamas or lounge wear, anything comfortable will do. You can also add a nice bottle of wine, bath salt or a really nice scented candle to make the gift extra special.

I find that these days people are so busy with everything that is going on in their life that they forget about self care, taking time for themselves and doing something to relax or simply unwind. That is why, most of my suggested gifts are for relaxation and can work for both him or her. If these do not match with what you were looking for, then what do you say about something that will cost you nothing and will be deeply appreciated: A love letter! I know the days when we used to hand write letters to each are far gone, but is it so bad to write a letter to the person you love to tell him/her why you love her, how thankful you are for being together? If this doesn’t say romantic, then I don’t know what does..  

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