How to make your morning the best time of the day

Morning rituals coffee and books, how to make your morning the best time of the day

Are you a morning person? Is your morning usually always hectic, are you in a hurry and barely have time to grab a cup of coffee on the way out? Do you sometimes wake up with no mood to go through the day? Do you have a morning routine, something that you like doing to brighten up your day?

Okay, that’s a lot of questions but this post should cover all those topics and even more. I believe that a day cannot be good or complete without a great morning ritual. Everyone should add something to their morning time that will make them smile and start the day with a positive attitude, don’t you think?

Are you a morning person?

I gotta admit, I was not a morning person at all until recently. I hated waking up early, especially if it’s not sunny outside. If it was for me, a normal work day would begin after 11am so I have time to wake up without being cranky. If you are in the same situation as me, Chriselle has some great tips about how you can become a morning person, HERE. These days, I’ve gotten to the point where I put my alarm clock half an hour earlier so I have time to enjoy my morning ritual. I’ve became addicted!

Morning ritual

So what is this morning ritual I am keep talking about? For the last year, the first thing I would do when opened my eyes, was to grab my phone from the bedside table and start checking my social media. It’s such a bad habit and an addicting one as well. Spending more than half an hour on Instagram, checking who followed, unfollowed, other social media channels, emails and messages, got me quite exhausted by the time I was out of bed. Not only exhausted but my mind was already working and making plans of what I had to do in that specific day. But according to

 “making too many decisions in the morning will slow you down and drain your brain for the rest of the day. If you can eliminate decision-making from your morning, you’ll have more energy and time to have the most productive morning and day you can!”.  

It has been proven that the most successful people create habits that helps them have a productive morning, by simply writing down the night before, a list of things that they need to do the following day.

Part of the morning ritual that I would like to suggest you to adapt, is that you don’t think about work from the time you get up until you are actually at work – this time is for you. Think of nice things, build a positive attitude, listen to music, have a healthy breakfast and enjoy your coffee. You will be more productive during the day when you are allowing yourself some Me time in the morning.

Lately, I discover something else that makes me get excited for getting up earlier to enjoy my coffee: reading. I started in the beginning of January and I’ve already read a few books and I am so happy about it. During the day, I don’t have time to do it. In the evening sometimes, though often I am simply to tired, but in the morning at my coffee, I take half an hour from my morning routine to enjoy few pages of a good book. When the book get interesting sometimes I am even thinking: ”I am gonna get up earlier tomorrow to see what happen next’’. It distracts me from problems that are going on right now in my life and I feel relaxed.

Here are few of the books I recommend:

Gabrielle Bernstein ” The universe has your back” HERE

Elizabeth Hoyt ” For the love of Pete”

Andre Aciman ” Call me by your name” HERE

Jojo Moyes “Still me ” HERE

Another thing, I start adding to my morning ritual is walking or running. I’m not a running lover truth be told, but I am ambitious and when I set goals to lose weight then I do it anyway. With some good music in my ears or an interesting podcast, my mind thinks of something else and sometimes I even don’t feel like I am running.

But if you are not a book lover or runner, is there anything else you would love doing that you simply don’t have time for during the day? It can be as easy as a bubble bath while you enjoy your morning tea, what an amazing way to start your day. Perhaps a beauty treatment or even shopping. Take few minutes and meditate, take deep breaths while listening to relaxing music.  Maybe you have a dress that you were thinking of buying but never had the time, do it during your morning ritual.

Together with a healthy breakfast, a good coffee or tea in the morning, there are many ways of adding habits to your morning ritual, the most important is to make time for them and to find habits that make you happy, smile and brings positive vibes into your daily life.

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What are you morning rituals? Is there anything you like to do in the morning to relax and prepare for a new day? 

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