15 Trendy and Affordable Spring/Summer dresses 2018

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As soon as I felt the first rays of sun of my skin, I knew it’s the time I’ve been waiting for, for the last months, time to buy new dresses!


Dresses have so many ways of speaking through your outfit, you don’t even have to try really hard, you just put one single piece on and that’s it! You look amazing! No matter your body type or shape, the occasion you are wearing it for, day or night, you name it, there is always a dress style or type for each of these things.


I believe that this spring/summer 2018 is all about mixing patterns and stripes, florals polka dots but most importantly, colors. Especially pastels, pink, light green, yellow and red. My first dress of this year was from HERE and I really liked it, because it has it all and more. It’s makes me want to twirl 🙂 Even though I am 31, I am still a child deep inside and twirling is still a thing for me, in fact doing these photos, I twirled all the time, it was really fun for me, not so much for the photographer hahah.

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Buut to give you an example of the dresses I had in mind for this summer and spring 2018, I made a small selection of dresses from my favourite online websites that I would like to share with you. Get inspired and bring spring/summer vibes into your wardrobe with these. You can also shop the dress I picked, take a photo with it on Instagram, use my hashtag #beyouverywell and I will feature you on my Insta stories 🙂 (find my Instagram HERE)

15 trendy and affordable spring summer floral dresses 2018

1. Floral Really Cute Dress HERE

2. Long Wrap Dress HERE

3. Bold Stripes Midi Dress HERE

4. White Dotted Dress HERE

5. Boho Inspired Tiered Dress (on sale right now for $59) HERE

6. Heavy Petal Chuck On Dress HERE

7. Volume Sleeve Shift Dress HERE

8. Striped Bow Dress (one of my favourite) HERE

9. Midi Dress with Pep Hem Contrast Check HERE

10. Ruffle Maxi Dress HERE

11. Light Sheath Dress (comes in several colours) HERE

12. Black Dress  40%OFF HERE

13. Skater Dress (comes in several colours) HERE

14. Moly Midi Slip Dress (this colour is gorgeous) HERE

15. Tie front Minidress HERE

You can also check them out on my Shop The Post below

Which kind of dresses fit best your personal style ?


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