How shopping online helped me improve my personal style

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Style is not just about clothes, it is about how you carry yourself in front of people, empowerment and having your own story to share to the world. Finding a personal style that fits with your own persona gives you confidence, boost your self- esteem and can actually save you money.


I’ve been passionate about clothes and fashion ever since I was a small girl, as my mom always used to take me for ice cream and clothes shopping on Sundays. I’ve had so many different styles, looks, trends – basically I was never the type of girl that stayed with a certain style. Most of the time, my personal style reflected my mood, the weather but also if I saw something interesting on some of my friends and though I could wear the same. By that time, the Internet was not an option but the whole idea of someone wearing a certain item that I liked, inspired me for how I could style that item in my own way.


Until I was 30, I worked in a very big retail shop for many years, I was always so impressed with every single new garment that came from the new collection. I was surrounded by beautiful clothes every single day and that got me inspired to buy more every week. And yes, even though my closet was full, I still wouldn’t seem to have anything to wear when I was in a hurry. Why? Because all those clothes did not really fit my personal style, they didn’t say anything about my persona.


However, things changed when I started blogging and sort of got out of the fast fashion world. Blogging requires a lot of Internet browsing, influencing and a lot of shopping online. And why did I start online shopping? Because I share my blog with thousands of people from all over the world, and if I want to show a certain garment, I would like everyone to be able to access and buy it. For some people online shopping can be a bit of a struggle and I must admit, I was very scared at the beginning too, but now after a year of doing it, I thought I would share some tips on how it actually improved my personal style and made me feel more confident with my style.




I think I speak for many of us when I say that everything these days is visual. People don’t have the time and patience to spend on reading or searching anymore, everyone wants to see a photo with that certain item they are looking for or watch a video on how something is done. Have you ever booked a trip somewhere just because you saw someone’s photo on pinterest or instagram sitting on the beach with a gorgeous sunset and imagined yourself doing the same?  


Well that’s how it works with the online shopping as well. When you buy a shirt or a blouse you can see a model wearing it, how they wear it and get an idea about how you could wear it as well. You can build an idea in your head of how you could style it, how you would fit in that particular style, if it is that something you would wear? And where?  


It Saves you Time


I remember the times when I used to go in stores and spend hours on end, trying on clothes, walking and waiting. Always with lots of people everywhere and queues. These days, I only visit 2 stores that I really like and for 15 minutes top. I don’t remember the last time I went out and came home all exhausted just by trying to find a pair of jeans. Buying online can take time too but not as much as going out in the stores, trust me. So if you have a busy lifestyle, I suggest you to take an hour one evening maybe once every 2 weeks and shop all the outfits you need for that month.


Social media


If you are an Instagram follower or Pinterest passionate, shopping online will go hand in hand. These days, you don’t even have to bother searching anymore, on Instagram and Pinterest, if you see an outfit you like there is almost always a link directly to the website the influencer bought it from. Social media is another big help on building a imagine in your head of how you could style your outfit but don’t get tempted to buy everything you see. Personally when I see an item that I really like, I always ask myself: where would I wear it outside of Instagram?

Stylish Spring outfit, spring skirt, classic spring outfit, date night spring outfit, evening wear spring outfit, everyday spring outfit, easy to wear spring outfit 3Stylish Spring outfit, spring skirt, classic spring outfit, date night spring outfit, evening wear spring outfit, everyday spring outfit, easy to wear spring outfit4

Skirt HERE

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Somehow when shopping in the stores, I managed to lose track of money, you see some clothes you want to buy in a shop and then you go to a different store and you think “oh maybe I’ll buy this blouse as well”. Online shopping, you see the full amount in the end when you have to input your card details and that’s not as fun. It makes you consider if you really need all these items? This way, I learned to make compromises and abstain from shopping everything that simply looked “cute” in exchange for a pair of better quality garmins that last me longer and help me build a staple wardrobe.


Helps you stand out


If you are really into trends, then shopping online and social media is definitely the place where you will find the newest trends that make you stand out, and you will never be out of fashion. If you work in a big company or in a big environment and everyone you know shops at the same shops in the city, then shopping online from stores that are not available on the street, will certainly make you stand out. By browsing online or through Pinterest and Instagram, you can actually find some really cool websites that you’ve never heard of before. Websites with great items that are more authentic or original than what everyone can find on the streets. These days you can even buy second hand and vintage online.

“ Something that makes you feel confident and beautiful is never out of style” The Everygirl on 8 tips to help you find your personal style

Stylish Spring outfit, spring skirt, classic spring outfit, date night spring outfit, evening wear spring outfit, everyday spring outfit, easy to wear spring outfit2

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There are of course some downsides of this whole process especially if you are not used to shopping online or you are just started. Such as :


  • You risk not getting the right size. It happen to me in the beginning and it was quite annoying, but after a while I learned which websites have my sizes in denim, shoes and tops and I know where to order from. Also, I take a good look of the measurements and the fit of the item before I buy it.
  • The item may not fit just like you have picture it in your head. This can happen as well but most webshops have a very easy return policy so if it doesn’t fit, you can return it and get your money back.

Spring/summer blouses


I am really curious how many of you prefer online shopping VS going to physical stores?



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