The secret of 90 second facial treatments at home with FOREO Luna Play Plus

Foreo luna play plus, beauty device, facial cleaner, skincare routine

What if I told you that there is a tiny little beauty device that can be carried everywhere and with just 90 seconds a day, will leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated and healthy?

Tempted already?

Then I am happy to  introduce you to my little beauty device, the FOREO Luna Play Plus.

Yes, it is just a small device but it makes a big difference to your skin. I tested it for more than 2 weeks and I am really happy with the results and although the product was gifted to me, the idea of sharing it with you on my website was my own, because I really believe that this is a good investment that can benefit every women.

So, what exactly is Foreo Luna Play Plus and how to use it?

Foreo Luna Play is basically a little face cleaner device made of silicon with a brush that distributes what the company calls T-Sonic™ pulsations. These will gently unclog your pores and remove up to 99,5 % of dirt and oil, dead skin cells and makeup residue.

I use it either in the morning before applying makeup or in the evening after I removed my makeup, the optimal is both morning and evening but it’s up to you. First I wash my face with a bit of warm water, then I apply a facial cleaner either directly on my face or on the brush itself then I press play and start gently rubbing it on my face. I like using it on my cheeks and on my nose to help remove the black pores, but mostly I like using it on my forehead because it’s a place that is always covered by hair and I feel like I don’t clean it enough.

Afterwards I rinse the cleaner off my face, I dry off and then apply my face cream.

What are the benefits of having a Foreo Luna Play face cleaner?

  • Besides the fact that it cleans your face of impurities and leaves your skin soft and radiant, the process itself doesn’t take very long time, 90 seconds, that’s all! So if you have a busy lifestyle this device is perfect to have around. You can use it even while you are in the shower as it’s waterproof.
  • With a size of just 64 x 60 mm, it is made for travelling, it’s so small that it can fit in your purse or anywhere in your bag.
  • This model come with AAA batteries which provides up to 400 uses.
  • To clean it all you have to do is put it under the jet of cold water because of their non porous silicone that resists bacteria buildup.
  • It comes in many different colours, so you can pick your favourite.

Foreo luna play plus - beauty device, facial treatment, skincare, morning routine

FOREO Luna Play Plus HERE

I must say the results are instant and from the first try. The most intense results where when I used it after a really long day or in the morning after a rough night out with alcohol when my skin was dehydrated and tired. Using my little Foreo the next morning was just what I needed.

The Foreo collection has not only this facial cleaner but also other beauty device with different effects that I thought I would share with you.

Luna 2 HERE  – Personalised Facial Cleansing Brush and Anti-Aging Device

Espada HERE – blue Light Acne Treatment with Laser Precision Targeting

Ufo  HERE – Smart Mask Treatment, the newest device that comes with 2 face masks: Make my day HERE or Call it a night HERE.

Are you a person that enjoy a little treatment in their morning/night routine? Is this beauty device something you could integrate in your routine?


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