15 Statement Earrings Spring – Summer 2018

15 statement earrings, golden and bold earrings, spring and summer earrings, accessories 2018

What is the best way to complete an outfit? A classy bag or a nice pair of shoes? Yes sure they will do the trick, but big earrings really help you make a statement, which is why they are called statement earrings.

In the 80’s these big loud ear accoutrements were very prevalent and today they are making a reappearance. “No makeup”, messy hair in a bum, red lipstick and statement earrings is the key for most looks these days. Like Bussinesoffashion.com says “Essentially, statement earrings are what shoes were to Carrie Bradshaw for a generation who wear Stan Smiths”.

Personally, I adopted this trend very fast last year, when I changed my hair from very long to extremely short, my first choice of accessories afterwards were big statement earrings. The style of the statement earrings can differ but they all have something in common : they are big, the bigger the better, some of them even extend way below the shoulders. They are  bright, flashy and sculptural. I’ve also noticed that most women these days wear them everywhere, even with a casual outfit when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup, statement earrings will save you by giving you a sense of personality. For work, when paired with a suit or any other classy outfit, they are the “must have” if you are a selfie fan or having a date on FaceTime and no runway is complete without a pair of statement earrings.

So if you like big statement earrings as much as me, check out my list of favourites that I picked out personally for you and pick up your own favourite.

15 statement earrings, bold earrings, golden earrings, accessories, women earrings, jewellery

1. Flower Drop Earrings HERE 

 2. Geometric Earrings HERE

 3. Mixed Pendant Earrings HERE

 4. Deco Drop Earrings (comes in other colours) HERE

 5. Tassel Earrings HERE

 6. Gold Backdrop Earrings HERE

 7. Red Long Metal Earrings HERE

 8. Flower Stud Earrings (my favourites) HERE

 9. Drop Earrings HERE

 10. Hoop Earrings HERE

 11. Polly Hoop Earrings HERE

 12. Statement Flower and Matte Earrings SOLD OUT

 13. Fringe Earrings  HERE

 14. Striped Drop Earrings HERE

 15. Geo Drop Earrings HERE

How do you feel about bold statement earrings? Do they fit your personal style?


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