The beauty products you need for a fast and easy summer makeup

Summer feels, tanned skin, long summer evenings. We all need a makeup routine that take doesn’t long or any beauty skills to apply. Something simple with a few products that will last all day and make you shine. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the summer makeup look that I’ve been using for the last month and the truth is I don’t even use so many products and I consider myself really bad at actually applying makeup properly.


Even so, I’d like to share with you, just  how easy and fast it is and if you have more experience than me at applying makeup, then using these products it will make it look even better! Heads up, you are in for a little laugh, I tried to do a makeup video just to practice doing videos and obviously things went south with me, so check out my little video at the end!

Foundation HERE

Concealer HERE

Liquid Highlighter (alternative) HERE

Shiny Highlighter HERE

Bronzer HERE

Red lipstick HERE

Summer Palette HERE

The base


During summertime I do not like applying foundation, at least not daily. I prefer letting my skin breathe and I have the concealer that covers my little spots or a pimple here and there. If I do apply foundation such as when I do a photoshoots or go on evening dates, I like to use this one from Models Own because it has such a thin composition and it’s still last surprisingly long. As a bonus you won’t see it on your clothes afterwards. After I apply the foundation, the next step is to apply the concealer, also from Models Own and with the same thin and smooth composition. I use it for my dark circles under my eyes and small spots, you can do it before or after you apply makeup, up to you.




When it comes to makeup, I keep it to a minimal as well. So far I only use this makeup palette from HERE as it has all the shades that fit my skin after a little tan. I use a very light shade to go on the top of my eye and a bit in the corners and then one or 2 shades blended for the rest. That’s it! The darker shades from this palette are really nice to contour or other more advanced makeup looks. If you purchase this palette, play around with the shades, combine them or use more than what I do. It’s fun! Highlighting

This is my favorite part, I never used to be so much into highlighting or even have experience with it until I got these babes, HERE and HERE. The first one, the Glow Liquid highlighter, I like to apply it first on my cheeks and even a bit on my forehead then blend it in with a brush. It goes really easy onto your skin and while it looks a bit darker when you blend it in, it easily smooths out and goes one with the color of your skin. If you are in a hurry and not in the mood to apply anything on your eyes, I sometimes apply a bit of this liquid highlighter, just with my finger. The  second one from HERE I also apply on my cheeks but for a more shiny look. I call this one the ‘’princess effect’’, because after you are done with your whole makeup adding a bit of this shiny highlighter is like when Cinderella transformed herself into a princess – magic. hahaBronzer


I only use one bronzer from HERE it’s the best fit for my skin at the moment. I am really happy with it, because you don’t need to apply too much for it to be visible and it actually gives a nice natural tan fade.


Red lipstick


Even when I don’t apply so much makeup, I still like to stay true to my one and only red lipstick. Especially these days with a darker skin and a matte rouge, I think it looks really sexy. What do you think?

To top it off it would’ve been nice to have the famous spray that everyone use these days to finish their makeup. Get it HERE to keep your makeup looking great for a even longer period. This was my example of a really fast but still summer looking makeup. It usually takes me around 10 minutes maximum but if you like using other products as well, go ahead and add them in your makeup routine. For summer, I think it’s important to not overdo it and just make it look natural with a hint of princess.

Pro-tip: If you are like me and like to spray a bit of perfume after you finish your makeup, make sure you don’t do the same mistake I did and spray it in your eyes.

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