How to have the best September

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I am very melancholic about having to say goodbye to our dear and warm summer, but I do have something to look forward to: September. September is a really special month to me because first of all it’s my birthday, but also because there are many changes happening and with a new season comes new opportunities.


Since the month of September will be pretty booked for me, I thought I would share with you a couple of things that make my September feel special every year.


  • Prepare your home for Fall – you can’t really feel the cosiness of fall without having a nice warm blanket that is waiting for you on the couch, a new candle with the scents of oranges and a cup of tea or hot choco ready for you. Personally, I am spending my September cleaning my apartment, basement and redecorating my whole bedroom. We are building a new closet to fit in my small room and painting the walls. I am hoping to be able to share the change before and after of the apartment on my Instagram, so if you are interested, follow me HERE.


  • One of my favorite things about September, a fall new wardrobe – think warm coats, sweaters, boots and so much more. I have already started planning what I need for this fall little by little and if you need any inspiration, I shared my pre-fall shoes HERE and pre-fall denim skirts HERE and I have more coming up.


  • Plan your holiday – Since summer is over so are the overrated prices for vacations. September is the best month to plan your Christmas holiday because you can still buy the tickets in time with no rush. It is also a good time to get the last bits of sun at the end of the month as the prices are much lower outside the season. Or you could take a small trip and explore a different city for fall.
how to have the best september, fall vibes,cosy, hygge, wellness, self love self care, make the best of your september, coffee place, coffee shot, candles





  • New Perfume, new book, new playlist – try to change a bit of everything. You know that feeling when you wear a certain perfume and it reminds you of a moment you had during summer or another season? I believe it’s same with other things around you, such as certain songs, books or even a type of wine. I prefer drinking white wine during summer as it’s more fresh and then switch to red during fall. Change is good, change is healthy so embrace it.


  • New Year’s resolution – everyone focuses on being motivated in January and plans their new year resolution then but with all the things that are happening during the year, people tend to get less motivated and forget to stick to the plan they made. With September coming that means that you still have 4 months left of this year, there is still time to accomplish what you had planned. So, take a look at your New Year’s resolution, see what you have accomplished already and what you have left. Or even better make a new list of resolutions that you could accomplish by the end of the year.
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  • Besides the excitement of buying a new wool brown coat that I’ve had my eyes on for the whole year, when I think of September I picture beautiful Copenhagen surrounded in orange and red colours and leaves on the ground, the calm and cosy vibe of the city. Instead of people being outside at the terraces, they are mostly inside looking out the window, enjoying a pumpkin latte. I don’t know about the city you live in, but here there are many food markets and festivals to attend during fall which can be really fun. Maybe it’s time to take on a new hobby? This September, whenever I will have the time I will take my camera and go around the city to try and catch the Scandinavia fall. If anyone does hygge best, it’s the Danes. I will share it all on my Instagram, HERE.


  • And the last thing I would like to suggest for you to do this month is to simply relax. After a fun summer (I hope) and with Christmas and Winter Holidays just around the corner, take advantage of this month to recharge and do things that make you relaxed and happy.

The best way to picture how I feel about September is through these photos. This dress was actually my New Years Eve dress and call me crazy but even though sequin dresses and yellow fields are not related, I thought they symbolise perfectly what I feel about September. 

I hope you make your September sparkle!  


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