2 stylish work wear outfits for pre-fall and fall 2018

With the new season approaching and weather getting much cooler, it can get a little bit confusing on what to wear at work and in general. It feels like it’s too hot for a sweater and maybe some days too cold for a light dress, right? I’ll share two examples of work and business attire that fit this pre-fall period with you. In some countries and climates they’ll even work for fall.


The brown satin skirt


Because of its colour and fabric, this skirt HERE fits very well with my idea of fall and what fall represents to me. This vintage brown satin skirt has incredible beautiful details, it’s very flirty and so versatile. I got so many compliments on it and I am so happy to have it hanging in my closet. Don’t let the dark colour fool you, it can easily be styled with a normal white top as I did, from HERE or with any other top. Even with a sweater and sneakers, totally Scandinavian style.

Brown Satin Skirt HERE

White Top HERE


The office attire


As you can see from my outfits, I am sucker for items that are simple but have pretty details on them, such as this blouse for example, HERE. I really like the sophisticated details on the neck area and arms, those are areas that the eyes tend to look at first.  While the blouse is see through in photos, in reality is really not that bad, you can wear a blazer or jumper on top if you want to guarantee not showing your bra. These are normal black trousers HERE you could wear at work, except the fabric is extremely soft, the legs are oversized and they are high waisted with a beautiful belt. Even though I like the basic black trousers to wear at work, I like to show my personal style through something similar but still different.

Blouse HERE

Black Trousers HERE

It’s safe to say that for this pre-fall period you don’t really need to splurge into buying a whole lot of items, as you can always combine for example a summer top with the brown satin skirt HERE or the pretty detailed blouse HERE with a denim skirt. So don’t pack up your summer wardrobe just yet, use it to layer with these new pre-fall pieces.


Which of these two outfits fits best your personal style?

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