13 Vintage Style Earrings You Must Have This Fall 2018

When it comes to fashion, 2018 has proven to be the year of everything retro and vintage inspired. If you are still able to get your hands on your grandmother wardrobe, it’s safe to say you are golden. Personally I have also adopted the retro style as you can see in the example here, it’s not intentionally, but simply something that came naturally to me and fit with my personal style. Now I am slowly working on adding a vintage vibe to my wardrobe as well, as I find it very original and personal.


I must say that it’s not just fashion that has changed in the last year and has become more and more retro but also interior decor and art. I wish the music of the 80’s would come back as well and we would be all set.








A couple of months ago I shared a post with 16 statement earrings and I got very good feedback. Since I just purchased these beautiful vintage inspired earrings HERE, I thought it would be a good idea to share my other vintage inspired earrings finds, in the hope that if you are trying to add more vintage in your wardrobe, we can start together with earrings, right? Let me know which pair fits best your personal style!

  1. Metal Petal Drop Earrings (Gold) HERE

  2. Baby Girl Slogan Heart Earrings ($12) HERE

  3. Hug Hoop Earrings HERE

  4. Gold-tone, Crystal and Stone Clip Earrings (now for $95) HERE

  5. Leopard Resin Statement Earrings HERE

  6. Chloe Ear Jackets HERE

  7. 24 Karat Gold Plated Crystal Clip Earrings HERE

  8. Stone Drop Earrings (favourites!) HERE

  9. Geometric Earrings (SOLD OUT but similar) HERE

  10. Anima Earrings HERE

  11. Tortoise Disc Earrings HERE

  12. Twisted Ribbon Hoop Earrings HERE

  13. Brass With Crystal Heart Earrings HERE

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