How I found my hobby, why hobbies are important + Fall outfit idea


Having a hobby has made me benefit more from my free time, made me get out of my comfort zone and try new things. By taking my backpack, go out and exploring the city, I’ve found a new interest in something different than my work and something that challenges my creativity.


I think that having a hobby has so many more advantages but as well as finding a career that you love doing, finding a hobby should come natural and be something that really makes you want to find free time to do it.


I was not very passionate about this hobby at all until 2 months ago when my boyfriend that is the usual photographer for my website and social media, said that he can’t take photos as often from now on. First I freaked out and thought that everything I worked for was gonna go down the drain, but I completely understood his point of view as well.


So in order for me to have more daily photos, including some that are not outfits, I had to challenge my creativity and try to make more content myself. And what other better way than to take my camera in my backpack and start exploring the city of Copenhagen.


Many tries in different lights and several unsuccessful shots later, I can finally say that it is getting better and better and I am enjoying it more and more. Not only do I start building an eye for photography but exploring different neighbourhoods of Copenhagen and being surrounded by Danish lifestyle, has made me really appreciate the fact that I get to live in this stunning city and experience the Danish culture, a culture that is so different from mine and many others in so many ways.

As I mentioned before, my hobby is really important for me and I think it would make a great improvement in your daily life as well if you don’t already have one. Here’s 3 other reasons why:


  • Hobbies can help reduce boredom and loneliness. Before having this hobby, in order for me not to feel bored or lonely I used to focus on working or just spend my hours on social media. These days, any day I can squeeze in a few hours to get my camera and go out in the streets, I am really happy and the times I am not out in the streets, I spend it editing and finishing the photos, which is something I love too.
  • It gives you a different perspective and increases your knowledge. Any hobby you decide to approach or to experience will require you to have a certain knowledge or if not you will need to learn, which I think is the fun part. It’ll also make you look at other things with a different eye, make you more experienced and maybe start your curiosity for wanting more. There is a big difference what I consider a good photo these days, compared to what I thought a few years ago.
  • It makes you more interesting and give you a new topic to talk about. I always admired people that had their own passionate hobby, I thought it is so cool to have something other than work to want to spend your free time on and be good it. It can be an pleasant way to meet new people that have the same interest, a great subject to talk about with your friends and people will find you more interesting, no matter what hobby it is or what you choose to do.


At the moment I am honestly hooked and I want to improve my skills even more, it sort of became part of my daily life and thankfully it combines well with my influencer job and captivates me in a personal way.


Sweater HERE

Skirt HERE

This fall outfit is typical daily outfit for me that I’d wear just with sneakers instead of heals, for going around the city. It’s a very typical Scandinavian uniform, a skirt, a sweater since it got very cold here recently and of course sneakers. I’ve talked about how much I love this black cardigan HERE where you can also see a selection of 5 essential fall knits. And the skirt has made quite an impact when sharing it on Instagram as everyone loved the leopard print HERE, it’s a really cool trend.


What would you like to have as a hobby? How do you like to spend your free time?


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