10 stylish bags to match with any fall outfit

At some level your bag is the most important part of your outfit, it’s the cherry on top of the cake, the cake being your dreamy fall outfit. Getting the right purse to match can make a big impact and get you and your personal style noticed.


How to pick the proper bag that will fit your entire fall wardrobe?


You are probably wondering why I’m suggesting just one bag for one season with all these trends going on this year (check the trends in bags HERE), when you could buy not one but several bags?

Sweater HERE

Trousers ( they come in many other colours) HERE

Investing in more than one bag to ensure you have something for each of your outfit is fine, but if you are like me, I go by the rule of quantity over quality. I would rather invest more in a bag that is made of quality materials, a bag I know won’t break after a week and a bag that I will love showing around. You don’t need a very expensive designer label to have a great quality bag, but of course if you can afford them all, then you are golden.


Another fact I look for when I pick a bag for my seasonal fall wardrobe is the colour and the model. As you can see from the outfits on my Instagram: HERE, 80% of my wardrobe comprises white, black, neutral and brown items that can easily be styled together. Most of my outfits, while not typical, are fit for a 9-17 job. Therefore I prefer the model to be on the more stylish and serious side. Luckily, my new dark brown handbag from Belcori eco luxury fits exactly with all of my needs when it comes to finding the right bag to match with my fall wardrobe. This bag is made from ultra premium vegan leather that feels extremely smooth and even though it looks small, it has 2 spacious compartments inside, can be worn in 2 different ways. I very much like the colour and the vintage styling. It’s a very versatile model as it can easily be worn when going to work or for a lunch/dinner date.


As you can see it gives my fall outfit’s a really nice touch and makes it look more stylish,  don’t you think?



If your fall wardrobe style is similar to mine, then I definitely recommend this bag and if not, I’ve compiled a small list of suggestions of other unique bags where you might find a fit for your fall wardrobe. See it as a timeless investment you can actually wear all year round.

  1. Smooth and textured leather bucket bag (in love with this bag) HERE

  2. Black leather bucket bag HERE

  3. Oversized patent leather tote bag HERE

  4. Mini leather bucket bag  HERE

  5. White leather bag HERE

  6. Leather tote (SOLD OUT but similar ) HERE

  7. Grained leather hobo bag HERE

  8. Michael Kors large leather satchel HERE

  9. Red envelope bag HERE

  10. Mini leather tote HERE

What do you love most in a bag? 

** This post was sponsored by Belcori Eco Luxury **

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