Elevate your fall and winter work wear outfit

Not sure what to wear at work when the cold season drops? Finding it hard to style pieces together for work?


Of all 4 seasons of the year, the end of fall and winter is the hardest to style when it comes to my work wardrobe. Most times all I want to do is wrap myself in a bunch of sweaters to keep me warm and get a huge coat and a scarf to wrap my head in whenever I go out. Work wear requires a bit more than that when you want to look presentable, so when picking items for winter, I think you should first of all focus on fabric and choose winter friendly fabrics such as wool, cashmere, cotton flannel but also corduroy.


Speaking about corduroy, I’d like to present you this corduroy blazer that I think is a great piece in your wardrobe, both for wearing at work and in casual situations. It it guaranteed to keep you warm and the fit it is also much looser than other blazers which will allow you to wear anything you please underneath, even an oversized sweater. I wear a size S and I got it from HERE.

Corduroy blazer (SOLD OUT but similar) HERE

White jeans HERE

Mango is one of the websites I love shopping blazers from. The fabrics and quality for a fast fashion brand is extremely good and they can easily become staple pieces in your wardrobe. Even though Mango doesn’t have shops in all cities, they deliver internationally and provide easy returns if you change your mind or get the wrong size.

Corduroy blazer HERE       Corduroy blazer HERE

Turtlenecks sweaters are not just another kind of basic sweater. I must admit, as a young teenager they were not my favourites as I didn’t like having my neck area covered, but my mom was constantly dressing me in turtlenecks during winter time. These days, I really like them and I plan on buying a couple of them. I find them extremely practical and warm and aside from that, they are perfect for wearing at work, whether you work in a corporate environment or any other type.

Turtleneck Sweater HERE 

Corduroy blazers and turtlenecks are a great combination for an effortlessly chic work outfit, don’t you think?

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