Holiday Gift Guide: 16 scented candles


Winter time is hygge time and there is nothing more cosy then slipping on a chunky sweater and lighting up your favourite scented candle. On top of that, scented candles are great gifts for everyone that enjoys hygge time.  

I keep candles in every room of my apartment, I only have 2, so it’s easy enough haha but I do have different candles with different scents according to what kind of mood I want to create in that evening. They help me unwind for when I come home from work and set a romantic mood which makes me happy to be home. If you like hygge time candles are a must, so I gathered a  small selection of some of my favourite scented candles for you. Everyone loves a really nice scented candle, so maybe you’ll consider them as a gift for someone too?

   1. Sparkling Cassis Votive Candle HERE

   2. Washing Powder Scented Candle HERE

   3. Alloy Medium Scented Candle HERE

   4. Sinner Scented Candle HERE

    5. Crushed Candy Cane 3- Wick Candle HERE

    6. Volcano Candle HERE

     7. Peony and Blush Suede Travel Candle HERE

     8. New York City Candle HERE

    9. Stone Medium Scented  Candle HERE

     10. TomFord Cafe Rose Scented Candle HERE

     11. Lancome Scented Candle HERE

     12. Orange Bitters Scented Candle HERE

     13. Pillar Candle HERE

     14. Medium Pyramid Treasure Candle Sunset HERE

      15. Blackcurrant Blackberries and oakmoss HERE 

       16. Tuscan Suede Scented Candle HERE

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