3 Scandinavian Winter Outfits Ideas – Instagram Roundup


Thinking of Scandinavian style, the first thing that comes to my mind are the staple pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe: a white shirt, a timeless coat, a good pair of jeans and a great knitwear selection. Once you got that covered up, the rest is just fun items to mix it up with. Scandinavian style is characterised by being very laid-back but at the same time sophisticated. It should be easy to wear, chic and layering is a plus.

I don’t necessarily share all my outfits on my website because I don’t want to overdo it with fashion content, but I do share them daily on my Instagram account @beyouverywell, stay in touch with me HERE



Sweater (similar) HERE

Sneakers HERE

Trousers (similar as mine are from men’s section) HERE

Scandinavian style is a very good fit for women with very busy lifestyles, who like to feel comfortable at work or running errands, yet want to look stylish and feminine. Personally, I feel very much myself in Denmark when it comes to personal style, as I can dress whatever my mood is on that day. Sometimes I love dressing more boyish as you can see in the first outfit. Up your layering game with just a white shirt and a very big sweater because it’s really cold. If you don’t own a classic white shirt, borrow one from your boyfriend or get one from HERE.



Beige coat HERE

Another reason why I love integrating Scandinavian fashion into my personal style, is that I have always been a sucker for timeless pieces, such as this beige coat, find it HERE. I bought this coat almost 3 years ago and guess what, I wear it every year and it is still popular. You can also see it on my previous post, “5 Scandinavian habits that will make your life healthier and happier” . Biking is not just a way of going around the city but also a fashion statement here, think of it as an accessory. And like any accessory, your bike must match your wardrobe, otherwise think twice before you purchase it.




Sweater (sold out but similar) HERE or HERE

Skirt HERE

Are you into retro fashion trends? Because there are lots of great knitwear that can add a retro vibe to your outfit, for example this kind HERE. The different coloured lines on the sweaters reminds me of my parents wardrobe when I was a young girl, and the color is very close to 90’s fashion, don’t you think?

I am sharing these 3 outfits with you in the hope to inspire and give you ideas to create the same or similar outfits, perhaps some that are close to Scandinavian style? Are you integrating Scandinavian fashion in your daily looks?

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