How to smash your goals in 2019


The beginning of a new year always comes with new excitement. New ideas, a different energy, the feeling that you just woke up from a long nap and most importantly new goals. New goals that gives us motivation and power to move forward and goals that can bring us satisfaction when they are accomplished or teach us life lessons that we can use for another time – but never failures. I refuse to believe that not being able to achieve your goals is a failure, it simply means you have to try more or a change your strategy.

So assuming you already have a goal or goals in mind that you want to smash in 2019, let’s get to work! What are the best ways, to make your goal happen?

Acknowledge it

Having a goal or many goals in mind does not mean that they will just happen. You have to think realistically and set up goals that you know have the possibility to become reality. It’s fine to reach and set optimising  goals, but dreamy or unrealistic goals will only make you feel depressed and disappointed by the end of the year if they can’t happen. Once your goal is clear you can make a plan for how to achieve it.

Be unconventional

In a world where everybody does everything, it feels like there’s no room for new ideas and the competition is big. However the process from starting to work on your goal and getting the result you want, is the most important and decisive on the result. A very interesting article on about unconventional traits you need to achieve your goals, says that: in order to achieve your goals you need to posses the same virtues as a healthy tree, tenacity, flexibility and perspective.

Tenacity for whenever you are faced with obstacles and setbacks to always rise yourself up, know your goal and be determinate to get to the finish line no matter what. Flexibility is the ability to change your attitude according to the situation, maybe even get more creative, this way new possibilities and solutions will come your way. Perspective is being able to see the big picture, and acknowledge that obstacles are part of our life path so we can avoid feeling sad or depressed.

Be persistent

Most times in order to achieve your goal you will get a lot of closed doors or people telling you that is not possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop believing in your goal. When you are faced with the pain of rejection and feel discouraged, how do you stay persistent? What has worked best for me, is to visualize myself after I have achieved my goal. Imagine how you’ll feel after you actually managed to accomplish it, imagine the feeling of success. Some people call it dreaming, for me I like to think of it as my future reality. says that

“all the successful people who’ve achieved great things in their lifetime did so through persistence. They didn’t give up. Even when they failed, they got back up and kept going.”

Go the extra mile

Nothing in life comes easy and going the extra mile means to make a special effort to achieve your goals or to go beyond the effort of others. Most of the successful people such as those that get promotions had to put in a lot more extra effort, sometimes being willing to make personal compromises.  Even when you feel like your job is done for today or the list of goals is finished for today, do the extra work, go the extra mile. It might seem tough but that extra mile is the difference between those who accomplish their goals – the successful people and those who don’t.

Most of my suggestions were inspired by the story behind Bohemian Rhapsody, written by Freddie Mercury from Queen. A song that was not received well by radio stations back in the 70’s, because it was almost 6 minutes long, but in the end through hard work and tenacity turned out to be the most played song of 20th century. In a world with so little social media, how did Queen manage to get themselves up on the charts with this song, you can read about it HERE.  I hope this will inspire you, in smashing you 2019 goals!


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