How to wear sweatpants and blazer – Scandinavian Style


Comfy and chic? Yes, please.


Ever had those days when you just don’t feel like dressing up but you still need to look stylish and chic no matter what? This was me, today.


While this look might not be exactly the definition of Scandinavian style, it does incorporate a lot of it’s elements and it is definitely part of my personal style. As you might have noticed, I like wearing blazers for very chic and stylish outfits, outfits that can easily be worn for work or any occasion really. But since the blazer is such a stunning and versatile piece, I also like to combine it with more comfortable pieces such as sweatpants and hoodies, especially when I don’t feel like really dressing up. For those kind of days, such as today, the blazer does it’s magic.


I don’t usually update my website with random outfits on a daily basis, but I thought I would give it a shot this time and see if you guys like it. Would you prefer I share more of my daily outfits with you?

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Sweatpants HERE  HERE  HERE


Oversized Blazers

Blazers  HERE (this is the one I am wearing) HERE   HERE

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