14 Must Have Oversized Blazers 2019


Women have adopted a lot of typical menswear pieces these days and can you blame them? I don’t think that is necessarily the actual piece they borrow but mostly the fit. The oversized fit, something that is larger than their actual size and when styled with another typical feminine piece, makes such a great combination and personally makes me feel more sexy, than actually wearing a tank top.

The easiest way to incorporate oversized in your wardrobe is through blazers. Blazers are so versatile and they are your rescue in times you don’t know what to wear but still want to look stylish, take for example my previous outfit HERE. That outfit is basically sweatpants and a hoodie because I just didn’t feel like dressing up that day, however the blazer managed to polish it up a little bit, don’t you think?

14 Must have oversized blazers for work life or casual, spring blazers, work wear outfit ideas, oversized jackets, spring essentials

Cheers to my new addition to my wardrobe. I don’t often go for checked patterns or prints, I mostly prefer one plain colour, but the reason why I really liked this blazer was the fit. It is actually a size S but still quite oversized and I can’t wait to style it in the summer as we don’t really see much spring here in Denmark.

I realise that the fit and style of this particular blazer may not be for everyone’s personal style, so I’ve made a list of other oversized and looser blazers that you can wear pretty much everywhere and that really caught my eyes. I hope you find something you like 🙂

14 oversized blazers for spring and summer, work wear outfit ideas, blazers for casual outfits, spring outfits

     1. Pink oversized suit blazer HERE

     2. Emily plaid yarn dyed blazer HERE (not exactly oversized but I really liked this blazer)

     3. Relaxed velvet blazer HERE (comes in black as well) 40%OFF

     4. Simply perfect blazer HERE (comes in many other colours)

     5. Lovely spring blazer HERE

      6. Satin blazer HERE 50%OFF

      7. Oversized blazer HERE

      8. Business check jacket HERE

      9. Metallic blazer HERE

     10. Brushed check blazer HERE

      11. Boyfriend blazer HERE (my favourite)

       12. Professional oversized blazer HERE

       13. Oversized blazer in beige HERE

      14. Pinstripe sharp shoulder blazer HERE , I’ve worn the trousers that come with this blazer HERE

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14 MUST HAVE oversized blazers for spring and summer, work wear outfit ideas, blazers for casual outfits, spring outfits

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