15 Best SPF Face Creams For Women In Their 30s

15 Best SPF Face Creams For Women In Their 30s., non greasy, moisturizing, hydrating face creams, skincare products, wellness, face care, SPF protection.jpg

If you love summer time as much as I do, then you enjoy feeling the warm glow of sun on your skin, charging yourself with vitamin D and getting tanned. All that sounds so wonderful to me but remember one very important factor of staying in the sun, SPF protection.


Even though by now, most people understand the impact not using SPF can have on your skin, I still feel that we are taking it for granted or don’t think it’s as important but here are a few facts on how and why you should use SPF.


Why should you use SPF?


When you apply SPF, you apply an extra layer on your body that will protect you from the harmful rays of sun. The sun does give us the daily dose of Vitamin D that we really need but there are also a few negative ways the rays of sun can affect our skin.


The rays of the sun are the main cause of skin aging, brown spots, wrinkles and according to my dermatolog, not using SPF on my face prolonged the acne problem on my face, that I struggled with for over a year. But the most important factor that we should forget, is that the rays of the sun can cause skin cancer. So, is it really worth not using SPF, now that all of you know the side effects of the warm rays of the sun?


When and how you should use SPF?


Here in Denmark, we don’t see the sun as much as many other places. In fact, it might only be for around 6 months a year you really have a chance for blue skies, but that is no excuse – the sun can be harmful even when it’s cloudy. The dermatologs insist that we should use SPF 365 days a year, no matter what. Fortunately there are many different ways that you can adopt it into your daily routine. For example, you can make sure to buy your daily face cream, foundation, BBC cream with SPF in it, which is a great way to include it in your daily makeup routine. Personally, I have a prescription face cream for my acne without SPF, but I do use a spray from VICHY with SPF 50 for my face after I finish my makeup, to provide a layer of SPF on top. I also use SPF body cream to protect my skin on the rest of my body during the day.


To help you implement SPF into your daily makeup routine, I’ve prepared a list of face creams, foundations and even lip balms with SPF suitable for women in their 30s. Check it out and make sure you don’t miss out on implementing SPF into your daily routine this summer.


15 best SPF face moisturizers for women in their 30s, face care, face cream, skincare, wellness, sun protection2

           1. Day Cream with SPF30  HERE

           2. Facial Moisturizer SPF30 HERE

           3. Primer and Moisturizer SPF50 HERE

          4. Dior Facial Moisturizer SPF50 HERE

           5. Olay Moisturizer SPF25 HERE

           6. Chanel CC Cream SPF52 HERE

            7. Sunscreen Spray SPF30 Piña Colada HERE

            8. Mineral Face SPF30   HERE

          9. Sunscreen Face Cream SPF50 HERE

          10. 24 hours Multi Protection Cream SPF15 HERE

          11. Ultimate Sun Protection Spray SPF50+ HERE

          12. Antioxidant Mist With Vitamin C SPF50 HERE

         13. Clean Face Sunscreen SPF30 HERE

        14. Multi Active Day Cream SPF20 HERE

         15. OUAI After Sun Body Soother HERE



Lip Balm SPF15 HERE

Advanced Protection Stick SPF45 HERE

Light Weight Powder SPF30 HERE

Laura Mercier Moisturizer SPF20 HERE

15 Best SPF Face Creams For Women In Their 30s., non greasy, moisturizing, hydrating face creams, skincare products, wellness, face care, SPF protection 1

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