The Scandinavian Girl’s Guide To Travel Accessories


A long flight can be tedious, but having the most essential accessories with you makes it a lot easier and more enjoyable. Since Scandinavian fashion has made such an impact over the whole world, maybe you’ve wondered: what accessories would a Scandinavian girl bring when travelling?

The summer season is one of the happiest here in Denmark. Usually people have the ability to take 3 continuous weeks off from work and go on that most anticipated holiday and when it comes to travel, Scandinavians like to keep it as minimal and light as possible, bringing with them only real necessities.


I am not personally a fan of long and often boring flights but I do tend to travel to destinations that require them. To compensate, I always start planning what to bring and wear on the plane a few days before. For example, I feel more comfortable and stylish wearing a simple dress such as this one HERE, that I like to style with a pair of golden earrings, medium size HERE. I don’t like carrying large hand or shoulder bags when travelling, and instead a smaller backpack that can have a few things in is perfection for me, HERE. Long flights and the onboard air conditioning are really rough on your skin, so to stay hydrated I always carry the Jet lag face mask from Summer Fridays, HERE with me, together with lip balm for my dry lips, HERE. A passport holder and a pair of headphones are a must for me, and if you want a more comfortable flight, a neck pillow that can also be used as a normal pillow are very much recommended, HERE.  

You’ll find these and a few more essential travel accessories below this collage , I hope you will find them useful for your next flight.

    1. Golden Earrings HERE

    2. Faux Leather Backpack HERE

    3. Silk Sleep Mask HERE

    4. Long black dress HERE

    5. Le Specs Sunglasses HERE

    6. Travel Neck Pillow HERE

    7. Pearl Hair Clip HERE

    8. Light Hat HERE other option HERE

    9. Bluetooth headphones HERE

    10. Jet Lag Mask HERE

    11. Transparent Lip Treatment HERE

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