12 Work Blazers For Transitioning From Summer To Fall

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A blazer and a good pair of jeans, those are the staple pieces for your wardrobe that no season should be without, right? While summer is still in full bloom, when buying a new item, I like to think a little ahead and ask myself: can this item be worn for the rest of the summer and maybe into the beginning of fall as well? This led me to put a few blazers together for you, that you can easily wear for work while the summer lasts, but also during fall and even further. 

For summer, I wear a lot of white blazers, most have different cuts or length but honestly, it has been rare that I didn’t wear a blazer as a jacket this summer. With the current climate, I think that I’ll continue to do so until  September or October, when the temperatures drops around here. According to refinery29.com, “We are talking power suits, oversized jackets and shoulder pads. These words may conjure a fear of permed hair and over the top colors but fred not + the formal blazer has been revitalised and given a contemporary refresh.”  So, this year I started with this khaki blazer, you can check it out HERE, it has a stunning fabric and it’s so smooth and easy to style, especially if you are like me and wear jeans almost all the time. 


I hope you like my selection of work blazers that I carefully handpicked for you and find them useful when looking for staple pieces for your wardrobe, no matter if it’s for summer or fall. 


12 Work Blazers to help you transition from summer tofall, work wear outfits ideas

   1. Black and White Blazer HERE

  2. Modal Blend Suit HERE

   3. Lilac Song Of Style collection HERE

   4. Multicolor Check Blazer HERE

   5. Business Belted Blazer HERE

   6. The Jeanette Blazer HERE

    7. Oversized Blazer HERE

    8. Oversized Blazer Wool Blend HERE

    9. Blazer Dress HERE

    10. Relaxed Corduroy Blazer HERE

    11. Structured Blazer HERE

    12. Single Breasted Blazer HERE

12 Work Blazers For Transitioning From Summer To Fall, Work Wear outfit Ideas, Scandinavian style-2