The 4 Best Scandinavian Skincare Products To Help You Through Winter And Fall


During summer I posted about the importance of protecting yourself against the sun, but summer is not the only season that can be hard on your skin, and with cold weather just around the corner, I want to share 4 products from the Scandinavian brand Verso, that will get you through fall and winter. 


In Scandinavia, winter and fall are usually incredibly cold and windy seasons, taking their toll on your skin and leaving it dry. While people in some countries get sunburned, here we can get wind burned skin, if not protected right. Therefore, I’d like to share my experience with Verso, a Scandinavian skincare brand. I’ve worked with Verso during summer time and I have always been very pleased with the results of their products. For the coming season, their target is preventing premature aging of skin caused by environmental pollution, something that often occurs during the cold season. Here are the solutions they suggest:

Anti pollution mist HERE – a facial mist to be used in the morning after applying your daily skincare products, before or after your makeup. The mist adds a protective shield that protects against environmental pollution, hydrates and helps the skin restore it’s natural pH balance. During summer, I had a facial SPF spray that I used before or after my makeup and during the upcoming season I will be using this face mist. 


Daily facial fluid HERE – It’s a light and very smooth moisturising day cream that blends perfectly into your skin. This is my second time using their face moisturisers and for a person that has dealt with acne before and who has quite sensitive skin, I am very happy with the results and I plan on using it for a longer period. 

Dark spot fix HERE– having a lot of spots on your skin? Then, this dark spot corrector might be just what you need. I have not tried this product just yet, however I do have dark spots on my skin left by scars from the acne I used to have and I am looking forward to incorporating it into my skincare routine. 


Intense facial mask  HERE– A mask with properties that restore the natural production of collagen in your skin, making it appear younger and healthier. I’ve used it twice so far and it’s very juicy, pastes well onto the skin and leaves it soft and nourished. 


You should know that all of the Verso skincare products contain Retinol 8 a Vitamin A complex, 8 times more effective than standard Retinol. I would also like to recommend one more product that I personally am so happy to have tried, their moisturising and repair serum HERE. I apply it every morning and sometimes at night, before I apply my face cream. The milky texture feels amazing on my face.


However, even if you use the best creams or 24 karat gold serums, it won’t help if you don’t make sure to live a healthy and happy lifestyle – as Lars Frederikson says :


“Your skin is absolutely best off when you can combine a conscious skincare routine with a healthy approach to life”.


I hope these products come in handy for the next seasons, the products are sponsored, but it was my own decision to share my honest experience in a post on the website.