2 Scandinavian Work Outfits For Fall

What to wear at work during fall season,Scandinavian outfits ideas

Dressing for work during the fall season can be exciting, but also a bit stressful. Especially so if you work in a more corporate environment. With a strict dress code, how are you supposed to look both stylish and professional, while not looking like you are trying too hard? Scandinavian business dress code is pretty simple to follow and so are these 2 work wear outfits, that I’m sharing with you today.

Stylish Work Wear Outfits Ideas for fall, Scandinavian fashion inspired

Work Wear outfits Ideas for Fall - Scandinavian style

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Suit Blazer similar HERE or HERE

Suit Trousers HERE  or HERE

It doesn’t get more business than a suit, right? If men can wear suits to work every day, so can we. I love suits and in particular blazers, as you can see from my previous posts. The best part about buying a whole suit is that both pieces look great together, but you can also combine them with other pieces on any given day. Don’t feel pressured to wear a suit with heels. You can style any suit with a pair of loafers or flat boots, or if you want to do it the Scandinavian way, sneakers.


Even if you are “the boss”, the way you dress for work is important because it’s a reflection on you. On top of that, wearing an outfit that you really love can boost your self esteem when you are having a bad day.


Don't know what to wear at work during fall season? Check these 2 Scandinavian outfits ideas

What to wear at work during fall season,Scandinavian outfits inspired

Don't know what to wear at work ? Check these 2 simple and stylish outfits ideas

White skirt, sold out because I bought it few years ago but there is a similar HERE

White Sweater HERE

Like everywhere else, Scandinavian style differs from person to person. Some like to mix a lot of colours for a really fun outfit while some prefer just one or two colours, keeping it more minimalistic and sophisticated. I am in the group that prefer two colours at most or as in this example, just one, all white. I’ve received several compliments wearing this outfit and I hope you’ll find it inspiring.


Due to a busy schedule, I haven’t been able to post as often as I used to on my website. I do my best to stay active on my Instagram account HERE with fashion related content and much more, so feel free to stay in touch with me on Instagram.

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