Social Distancing In Copenhagen During Corona Times

Social distancing in Copenhagen during Corona Times, Scandinavian lifestyle tips

It’s hard to believe that all across the globe, we’re facing such a powerful virus as Corona has turned out to be. It feels to me, like we are all in a bad dream that we just can’t wake up from. Just like everyone else, I am spending my time at home, leaving the apartment only for necessities or a short walk. Denmark closed its borders 3 weeks ago and since then we have been at home, social distancing as much as possible. Most shops and restaurants are closed with only takeaway options remaining available. Those that can, work from home and we are not allowed to gather in groups of more than 10. Recently the government announced that after Easter, school will start again for kids up to 5th grade, but everything else is to remain closed until at least 10th of May. Denmark is counting on people continuing to respect social distancing and spend as much time as possible at home. They do expect that unless a vaccine is ready fast, in time more than 60% of the population will get infected, but hopefully not all in the same time to avoid overwhelming the hospitals, to a point that they won’t be able to take proper care of patients.


Scandinavia is used to people staying at home, hygge being something everyone is familiar with, but normally you’d be able to invite a few people over and it wouldn’t be mandatory. Personally, I have my good and bad days, days when I didn’t do anything but bake, drink wine and sleep all day. If that sounds familiar, know that it’s okay, we all need those types of days, so if that’s what you’ve been up to, don’t feel bad about it – enjoy them. However, now I’ve gotten to a point where I want to make the rest of the days that I am going to be at home count, I want to be more productive and there are a few habits that are part of my Scandinavian lifestyle that I’ve been adopting. 

Check your goals – January was the month when everyone wrote down those annual goals they wanted to accomplish and by February everyone forgot about them. It’s time to double check that list and see how far you’ve come. Even though 2020 has been a tough year so far, there will be a day when all of this will hopefully be over and we can go back to living our daily life. We can still make this year count! So with that in mind, are you working towards your goals? Are your goals realistic at this point? What is your plan in order to achieve that one goal that would make you happy for this year? 


If working towards your goals is not possible in your situation right now, writing them down, acknowledging them and making a plan on how to achieve them once all this is over, is a great start. 

Hobby – As I wrote in my previous post “why are hobbies important”, having a hobby is a great way to stimulate your mind. It can help you not only relax, but also become smarter, wiser and more resilient in the process. 


I love photography but I’ve been lacking motivation lately to go and shoot photos on the streets, however I do try to be creative and instead work on growing my Instagram account, Beyouverywell, which even though it being a hobby, keeps me busy and motivated. 

This year, I have 2 other things in mind that I want to pursue when I get the chance. I want to learn to swim under the water like a mermaid, I know how to swim, but somehow don’t feel confident enough under the water. Another goal is to learn how to play guitar or piano. I’ve tried several times to learn by myself but I need a teacher with a good amount of patience to teach me. 

Spring cleaning – Staying at home in a cosy, clean and fresh environment means a lot for your mental health. You finally have time to paint that wall that you’ve been postponing because of your busy schedule. Check your closet and move your winter wardrobe to the basement as you might not need it for a while. Play with decorating your place, maybe a new furniture piece or simply shuffling your furniture around can make a big difference to your place. 


My husband and I bought a new apartment this January and we have been renovating for 2 whole months. For most people renovating and buying new furniture sounds fun and it was a little fun to see the results. But it was also a stressful process that not even is fully completed. Every day we have a little wall to patch, some kitchen cabinets that need to be fixed, walls to paint, new furniture to hunt down. I am hoping that in a few months, we will have managed to finish most of the renovations and I will be able to share more of it with you all.

Social distancing in Copenhagen during Corona Times

Flowers, baking, reading books or playing games – are just a few other ideas that can put you in a good mood and keep you occupied.  In Scandinavia, baking is probably the most popular activity, not only these days, but in general. People love cooking here and baking their traditional pastries. I baked a lot the first 2 weeks at home, but I also gained 2 kilos, so now I am unfortunately counting my calories on every meal and hoping to lose the weight again.

Self- care – This is one of the most important things you can do during these times and it will help you be more relaxed and productive, once this ‘’bad dream’’ is over. Self care can mean getting enough sleep, balancing your eating by eating food you craved, but also healthy foods. Take relaxing baths, meditate and try to stay away from the news or reduce it to once a day. 


Personally, I have trouble sleeping at times because my mind always wanders and with so much going on, it’s hard to go to bed all happy. But during the day, I do my best to interact and be social with my friends and make new ones on social media. I read only the news that I need to read and even if I don’t have the motivation, I am really pushing myself to still be productive at times and make these days count. 

Stay active not just by exercise but also in your thoughts. This is the time to reflect over how your year can turn around to the better. Build visions in your head of where you would like to be or and how to get there. Remember to also call your parents and grandparents and help your elderly in need, if you have the choice or possibility. Stay safe !

5 Scandinavian ways of practicing social distancing in Copenhagen during Corona times

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