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A little bit about me


Hello, my name is Mihaela (Miha for short) I am originally from Romania but moved to Scandinavia almost 9 years ago. After quitting my long time term job in one of the biggest retail companies (ZARA) I decided to take matters in my hands and pursue a career that I am passionate about, which is why I start this website. At first, I started writing motivational and personal development articles but things worked out better than I expected so I decided to share my other passion with you, Style.


Turning 30 last year was pretty brutal to me, just like it is for many of us. I had lots of changes going on in my life but now when I look back I realised that being able to work on something that I enjoy, gave me the courage to do other things that I had wished to do for 10 years, a rhinoplasty surgery for example.


On a personal note, growing up in the 80s with parents that had their own band, I listen to a lot of music from that time period. Queen is my favourite band and Freddie Mercury was and always will be my first crush. I am happily engaged to a very patient Danish man that supports me in every little crazy thing I decide to do. My best friend I can honestly say is Wine – because he listens quietly when I need him the most.


Be you, very well


Be you, very well, is my mantra. In my opinion, those are the best words of advice to everyone out there to feel comfortable in their own skin. That is why, my goal with this website is to build it in a way that readers can see it as their “best friend”.


My website is dedicated to women with or without a busy lifestyle, passionated to get inspired about style, beauty and sometimes lifestyle tips from my own experiences. My personal style varies depending on the occasion and mood but thanks to this blog I managed to find a personal style that I feel comfortable with, a wardrobe that is more selective so I don’t complain I have nothing to wear (much).


Aside from Style and Lifestyle, my website has other 2 categories build your wardrobe and dress for the occasion. Build your wardrobe it’s like a mini webshop that I try to update as often as possible with selected new items from known brands. Dress for the occasion is a new category I am working on, it is meant to save you time and help you with outfits ideas for different occasions.


Thank you for visiting my website and if you feel like it is something that could interest you, I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter so you will be informed when a new post is up. Other than that you can also find me on my social media accounts : Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

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