Hello everyone and a warm welcome to my personal blog!


I’ve had an interest in fashion for as long as I can remember. As a small girl I used to watch my mom getting ready for going out with my dad, picking the right dress, the high heels that seemed huge to me at that time and the red lipstick. Oh, and the red lipstick. Before she would leave, she would put some of the lipstick and a few sprays of her perfume on me, otherwise I wouldn’t leave her alone. Over the years my passion for fashion and style grew and changed many times and I am not sure that I have a personal style narrowed down yet but I definitely like to try and experience everything and I want to share the experience with you through my blog.

I’ve lived in a few different European countries before I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark 5 years ago. Since then I worked in a big brand fashion retail chain where I gained lots of merchandising experience but also the ability to work with and understand people in a better way.

I started a blog a few years back but my busy schedule didn’t allow me to keep up with it. However when I turned 30 (in september 2016) I thought it was time to pursue a career I was passionate about and I quit job.

So that is how MihaBalan.com was created in November 2016. My website is divided into 3 categories for now, and in time hopefully even more:


Motivational –  where you can read article that I hope will inspire readers for a happy and positive lifestyle. The articles here are written from my own life experiences and lessons. One of my biggest passions is writing, especially when I feel inspired to share something that I’ve been through that might benefit others who are going through the same thing.

Style –  here I share my own personal style and outfits I put together. When it comes to outfits, I aim for quality items with good fabric at affordable prices that are versatile and easy to style. I always like to be creative while styling them and be myself in them.

Build your wardrobe – a category where you will find my picks of the month, to help you build your seasonal wardrobe. The goal is to save you time while searching for a specific item, give you ideas for reasonable priced products and occasional good deals. I will do my best to renew it every week and make sure to have the newest trends available for you.

As St. Francis de Sales advised those seeking spiritual excellence ‘’Be you very well’’, is the motto that I like to remind myself about. To me those are the best words of advice to everyone out there to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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Warm wishes,