Are you in a healthy loving relationship?

  Is your relationship as stable as you think? Have you ever wondered if your relationship is on the right path or if it’s unhealthy…

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6 Easy Habits for a good night sleep

Having troubles sleeping at night? Has it been forever since you woke up rested from a good night sleep?   That evil cycle of not…


Platform for bloggers

Are you a blogger looking for a new platform to grow on? Are you a reader that enjoys discovering new style and lifestyle blogs? Great,…


What to blog about – finding your niche!

What to blog about – finding your niche!   I remember when I started my first blog many years ago, how excited I was, looking…


How to downsize Stress and live a Life free of …

When you are at work, what is the thing that people talk about all the time? They talk about it, they complain about it and…

  • In desperate need of wine after this week I hope
  • Neutral style        neutrals
  • Summer in Copenhagen  this summer caught me extremely busy
  • When you have a business meeting on your way to