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How to smash your goals in 2019

The beginning of a new year always comes with new excitement. New ideas, a different energy, the feeling that you just woke up from a…


Scandinavian traditions for Christmas

Scandinavians keep traditions close to heart, especially those related to Christmas. There are variations from family to family and you probably know some of them…


Holiday Gift Guide: 16 scented candles

  Winter time is hygge time and there is nothing more cosy then slipping on a chunky sweater and lighting up your favourite scented candle.…


Gift Guide For The Hostess, Under $50

We all know that one person, who during holidays, birthdays or even just a weekend, really knows how to throw a gathering together. Or maybe…


5 ways Scandinavian lifestyle differs from other countries

You know that feeling when you are in another country and notice things are different than at home? Each country has its own perks and…

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