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How to make your morning the best time of the …

Are you a morning person? Is your morning usually always hectic, are you in a hurry and barely have time to grab a cup of…

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Last minute Gift ideas for Valentine’s

First of all, last minute?   I know it doesn’t sound like me. But, yes this year I’ve been so busy with I don’t know…


5 ways living in Scandinavia has changed my personal style

I moved to Scandinavia about 8 years ago. First to Malmo, Sweden for almost 2 years then on to Copenhagen, Denmark where I live with…


Valentine’s gift guide for him

I get so excited during holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s day. It’s not just because of the celebration but also because I get to…

The operation that changed my life

  – “ Are you sure it’s not noticeable?   – No, you look beautiful just the way you are, don’t need a whole operation…

  • In desperate need of wine after this week I hope
  • Neutral style        neutrals
  • Summer in Copenhagen  this summer caught me extremely busy
  • When you have a business meeting on your way to