13 Vintage Style Earrings You Must Have This Fall 2018

When it comes to fashion, 2018 has proven to be the year of everything retro and vintage inspired. If you are still able to get…
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2 stylish work wear outfits for pre-fall and fall 2018

With the new season approaching and weather getting much cooler, it can get a little bit confusing on what to wear at work and in…

The Pre – Fall Denim Skirts You Must Have This Season 2018

Denim skirts are usually a warm weather staple, so can they really be used for the pre – fall season as well? Yes, in fact…


The pre-fall shoes of 2018

Why wait, when you can start planning!   The fun part about an upcoming of a new season is obviously to start preparing for a…


10 summer shirts and blouses for work and casual

Blame it on the sunny weather or like they call it here the heatwave, but finding a proper outfit that is both office appropriate or…
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