The secret life of Jesus from Mount Tibidabo

Two days ago we went to explore Mount Tibidabo, a must-do experience if you live in/visit Barcelona. After a long journey that involved 2 crowded trains and a bumpy ride with a weird shaped bus, we arrived at our destination.

I’ve always dreamed of visiting Mount Tibidabo, ever since I heard Joey’s “Europe story” from Friends. It goes without saying that the magnificent architecture and unique views of Barcelona city did not disappoint. To top it off, a giant sculpture of Jesus is mounted on top of the church, it is as if he is guarding everyone from that hill. Surprisingly, his main view is the amusement park that is located right in front of the church. I was beginning to think that maybe Jesus too is a big fan of amusement parks. Or is this just a way of thinking of Jesus as someone that likes to see people being happy, kids having fun and tired parents? Does he ride in the amusement park late at night when nobody is there to see him? Does he eat all the ice cream from the fun looking ice cream trucks and sugar foam? Does he have a secret night life when nobody is there, where he enjoys the amusement park all to himself? I hope it’s not a lonely life in the amusement park, I hope he gets to invite his friends too. I can already see the story: “The secret life of Jesus from Tibidabo ”. Imagine that! Amusement parks are great places for stories, any kind of stories, especially the inordinate ones, standard stories are not as entertaining. 

We’ve been pleased with the colourful rides that, once you are in them, offer, as I mentioned earlier, amazing views of Barcelona city. You can easily spot the Sagrada Familia church that sits triumphantly in the middle of the city, always visible from any angle. Will they ever finish it? I’ll probably never know. Inspired by the laughter of the other kids, we also got hooked on sugar, soo much sugar: ice creams with M&M’s, waffles and chocolate.  

I was most fascinated with the clear blue sky, which is rare to see in Barcelona. As you can see from the photo I took, the sky has no imperfections, not a cloud nor a line. It looks as if it’s in a painting, a shade of light blue, so clean, to aesthetically fit the colours of the machines and the church. That must be Jesus’s work too, he probably wants people to leave with good photos and good memories. I left with a good photograph that I will now add to my little print collection. 

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